Gala Assist is a website & iPad app to make your fundraiser a breeze.

Developed for fundraising events, Gala Assist is fast, easy to use, and as simple as a gala or auction app can be. When you have to do a whole lot with very little, our out-of-the box solution helps save time, money and labor. Not to mention helping to bring smiles to your patrons faces.

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So what exactly is Gala Assist...

Gala Assist is a combination of 2 things...

A web based admin Dashboard

An easy to use iPad app

With the web dashboard you can get started early. Enter your guest information, Enter your auction items. Customize and preview the bid sheets, website, and email receipts with your logo and text... You get the point.

On the day of your event use the custom iPad application to check guests in. Enter your auction results, and check guests out with the built in credit card readers, check , or cash. It is seriously simple, and seriously fast.

There are many, many more features in Gala Assist. Some of the best are highlighted below

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Main Features

Fast Guest Check In

Check in or add guests at the door of your event in seconds...Say goodbye to long lines!

VIP Alerts

Mark up to 20 guests as VIP and get SMS alerts sent to your phone to let you know they have arrived

No Wifi Needed

Gala Assist runs on iPads with a cellular connection so no need to have good or any wi-fi signal

Rapid Auction Results Entry

Usually when the auction ends the chaos begins. Not anymore. Enter your auction winners quickly and with confidence. The interface for entering auction results has been created with speed in mind. It doesn't get any faster then this!

Multiple Simultaneous Users

Use as many or as few people as you want to run check in and check out. There is no limit on the number of users that can run the app at once

SMS Notifications For Auction Winners

Send SMS notifications to auction item winners automatically. Let your guests know they have won as soon as possible.

Fast Guest Checkout & Payment

Check guests out and take payments quickly with the built in credit card readers. The funds are deposited directly into your account with no intermediate service to slow down the transactions

Automatic Email Receipts

Fast, automatic emails delivered to your guests immediately after purchase is complete.

Admin Dashboard

An easy to use admin dashboard for you to customize with your branding for bid sheets and emails as well as add guests and auction items.

Bid Sheets

Automatically print bid sheets with your branding and bid increments directly on the page.

Website of Auction Items

The app generates a beautiful website with your branding showcasing your auction items to give guests a preview before they show up to the event.

Complete Out of the Box Solution

No complications here. We ship you the iPads, card readers and the app already installed for your event.

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Ready to run your next Gala with us? That's great! Give us a call or send us an email and we can set up your login information. We would also be happy to talk about any questions you may have regarding Gala Assist.

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