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About the Gala Assist Service

Developed for fundraising events, Gala Assist is fast, easy to use, and as simple as a gala or auction app can be. When you have to do a whole lot with very little, our out-of-the box solution helps save time, money and labor. Not to mention helping to bring smiles to your patrons faces.

So what exactly is Gala Assist?

Gala Assist is a combination of 2 things...

A web based admin Dashboard

With the web dashboard you can get started early. Enter your guest information, Enter your auction items. Customize and preview the bid sheets, website, and email receipts with your logo and text... You get the point.

An easy to use iPad app

On the day of your event use the custom iPad application to check guests in. Enter your auction results, and check guests out with the built in credit card readers, check , or cash. It is seriously simple, and seriously fast.


The Gala Assist service is constantly growing and evolving. Below are some of the main features that the service provides.

Fast Guest Check In

Check in or add guests at the door of your event in seconds...Say goodbye to long lines!

VIP Alerts

Mark up to 20 guests as VIP and get SMS alerts sent to your phone to let you know they have arrived

Rapid Auction Results Entry

Enter your auction winners quickly and with confidence. Entering auction results has been created with speed in mind. It doesn't get any faster then this!

No Wifi Needed

Gala Assist runs on iPads with a cellular connection so no need to have good or any wi-fi signal

SMS Notifications For Auction Winners

Send SMS notifications to auction item winners automatically. Let your guests know they have won as soon as possible.

Fast Guest Checkout & Payment

Check guests out and take payments quickly with the built in credit card readers. The funds are deposited directly into your account

Automatic Email Receipts

Fast, automatic emails delivered to your guests immediately after purchase is complete

Bid Sheets

Automatically print bid sheets with your branding and bid increments directly on the page.

Website of Auction Items

The app generates a beautiful website with your branding showcasing your auction items to give guests a preview before they show up to the event

Self Update

With the click of a button you can let your guests update their own contact information

Fast Pass

An even faster way to check in your guests. Fast pass codes are sent to your guests automatically when they complete their contact information. Just scan the code within the app


Quickly find all payments, outstanding bids and all auction item results in the admin dashboard

There really is so much more

Contact us and we will be excited to walk you through the application. We can help make sure it is a great fit for your event

Fast Pass for Gala Assist

The Fast Pass App for Gala Assist is a complimentary application that can be used in conjunction with the Gala Assist service. It can be downloaded by any of your staff or volunteers that will be working the event. The application allows you to scan in guests that have received their Fast Pass QR code to help with a speedy check in.

This application can be found by searching the app store for "Gala Assist".

*Fast Pass for Gala Assist is a free application and can run on any iOS device with a camera.

Simple Pricing

$950 + 1.5%

All Features Included

Unlike other software we don't want you to have to pick and choose from the features. We want you to have the easiest, most intuitive solution possible.

All The Equipment Shipped to you the Monday before your event.

This includes 4 iPad Mini's with cellular data, 4 credit card readers, and 4 stands. All the chargers you need and the app pre-installed and ready to go.

Support? Yeah, we have you covered

If you have any questions we are happy to help over the phone or by email. You can even contact us to talk about having us staff your event and run the whole thing for you.

* 1.5% is only applied to your auction sales. You keep all the money you make on tickets and donations.
* The case including all the equipment must be returned within 10 days of the end of the event. A pre-paid return shipping label is included to make this even easier. There will be a $50/day late fee applied to late returns.
* A valid credit card must be on file with us to use this product.

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Ready to run your next Gala with us? That's great! Give us a call or send us an email and we can set up your login information. We would also be happy to talk about any questions you may have regarding Gala Assist.

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